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Wealth Creation Mantra's By Mr. Amit Bandivadekar  
Full day Practical Program which will help you to create Wealth for a lifetime

  • Are you looking to safely earn 2-3 times more than what you earn in a Bank FD?
  • Are you confused where to invest your hard earned money in Gold, Real Estate, Stocks or Bank FD?
  • Are you looking for risk-free and profitable strategies while you are investing your hard earned money?
  • Are you thinking to set aside a corpus for your children's higher education & marriage expenses that beats today's inflation?
  • Are you shocked on seeing your investment like ULIP, Mutual Funds or Stocks failing despite you holding them for long?
  • Are you looking for the Right Stocks to select from over 6000+ Stocks in the Stock Market?
  • Are your investments Portfolio making losses despite of having popular blue chips stocks and you wonder what to do?

Then this workshop could be for you. In this Interactive workshop you will learn

  • Secret of Wealth Creation which has been used by top investors like Warren Buffet
  • Creating the mind-set of a successful investor
  • How to start your journey to wealth creation by saving just INR 1000 per month
  • Investment Strategies which can potentially double your money over the next three years
  • How to use Stock Markets to multiply your money 10-100-1000 times or more in your lifetime
  • Risk Free or Conservative Strategies for you to earn Tax Free double digit returns
  • Do’s & Don’t of investing, which more than 90% of Investors tend to ignore
  • How to be a successful investor by just investing 2 hours a week
  • Explore Basics of Investing in Stocks & Mutual Funds (No prior knowledge needed)

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Wealth Creation Seminar

Wealth Creation & Financial Management One day Practical Program which will help you to create Wealth for a lifetime

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